Elisabeth and the Nobleman

Imagine enchanting Scandinavia, the alluring sixty's, the beautiful Elisabeth and the handsome William as they fall in love and meet in secret places, his mother the baroness in the haunted castle, a villain from Elisabeth's past, the gossip hunters, and the skeleton in the closet that reveals shocking deceit. Laugh with William and Elisabeth as they discover that his mother has inadvertently paid for them to have sex! Elisabeth and the Nobleman is a tantalizing love story with a taste of another culture at the time of the hippy movement in America. Paperback, $15.00. Amazon.com

"Elisabeth and the Nobleman--another easy read by Lilly Setterdahl-- captures the romantic relationship between two people of different backgrounds some sixty years ago, and how women sometimes had to take a backseat to men. It's a fascinating story that felt personal to me, as I, too, dated and married in Scania, Sweden, at that time, although not a baron." Elisabeth "Liza" Ekstrand

"I enjoyed the characters and felt at home in Scania, particularly in Lund and the university setting. But you certainly don't have to be Swedish to enjoy this book. It's a great love story for all to enjoy." Kerstin Lane