Until the lights come back on 

UNTIL THE LIGHTS COME BACK ON is a unique international thriller that includes the hacker and his involvement. It could have happened anywhere, but this author focuses on the Scandinavian countries.  We will learn how one Swedish family reacts, and how two brothers risk their lives to restore power. One of the brothers is in Estonia at the time of the attack and later fights the invisible enemy from Finland. There he meets another computer specialist and together they attempt to destroy the hacker's code--until the hacker puts a stop to it. No one can imagine what the perpetrator plans to do next. 

Until the lights come back on

What do we do?

Do we try to escape

Or do we stay and wait

Until the lights come back on?

 Book Review: Until the Lights Come Back On

Published in the newspaper Nordstjernan, Sep. 15, 2022

Renowned author and Vasa member Lilly Setterdahl has released yet another book, “Until the lights come back on." A cyber thriller, which probably is not what most of us expect from this writer. A wake-up call for us all!

This book really makes you think…. And very scary thoughts as we could easily be exposed to hackers and “cyber threats” at any given time. Just a disagreement (Or just evil – because someone can) between what we thought were friendly associates, to superpowers, and in the blink of an eye, the world, or your country, or just your own little world goes dark.

It’s not surprising that Lilly chose to have the catastrophe take place in Sweden, with Norway coming to the rescue with interactions by Finland and Estonia, and the superpower Russia as the “bad guys.”

This book was published by the Nordstjernan Förlag in New York and can be purchased through Amazon.com. Read and reviewed with admiration by Liza Ekstrand


I had to seek the advice of an electrical engineer to write about this subject. The book was published by Nordstjernan (Swedish News) New York in June 2022. Can also be ordered from Target, Walmart, and bookstores, as well as at Artsy Bookworm, Rock Island, IL. Paper. 19.95