Titanic Sailing Again 

The passengers dress in period clothing, dance, flirt, and fall in love on the maiden voyage of the "Titanic Princess," sailing from Jiangsu, China, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2018. But will the ship reach Southampton, England, and New York without serious  threats?

True to her tradition, the author creates Scandinavian characters and fits them into the story. Whether you are a Titanic fan or not, you will love reading about the surprise meeting on board of the grandsons of two Titanic survivors,  the lady's maid, Anna, and her rescuer, Roberto, both featured in Setterdahl's earlier Titanic novels. See http://lillysetterdahl.blogspot.com and Amazon.com. 


Anyone who has been following author and Vasa member Lilly Setterdahl may know she released a new "Titanic" book this year (2019). Titled "Titanic Sailing Again," the novel portrays many of the passengers as offspring of the survivors of the original Titanic, the ship  that so devastatingly sank on its maiden voyage in 1912. 

As the original passengers list included many Swedes or Scandinavians, so did the list for this voyage as well. It is a great read, easy to follow, and interesting as it took generation after generation to form connections in their lives and as current passengers. The passenger list included several generations of the same families, intertwining and enjoying the trip  together. It takes you back to the timeframe of 1912 on the first leg of the trip,  then a bit more relaxed, but still with passengers in classes I, II, and III. There is romance aboard, and young couples and not-so-young couples find love with partners that had ancestors surviving the tragedy. There were also some interesting surprises along the trip--courtesy and good manners, fancy dances, elaborate meals, as well as storms or other threats. In true Setterdahl fashion, the characters and their surroundings are described in a way that makes you feel you know the people and can relate to them, or have been to  their hometowns. I found this book so well written that I had to google it to see if in fact it was a true story. I had heard there was a Titanic II to be built but didn't think it was ready yet, and yes, in fact, it won't be ready to sail until 2022. So, while it's a fictional story at this point, it's still a possible reality in a few years. I'm wondering if Lilly is planning on being a passenger on the maiden voyage of Titanic II.... 

Published by Nordstjernan, New York (Swedish News). Available on Amazon.com and many other places.$15.95 Paperback, 319 pages.