Swedish-American Portraits, 1974-1994

Photographed by Lennart Setterdahl

Text: Lilly Setterdahl. Design: Stephan Setterdahl. Published 2020. Available at the Bishop Hill Colony Store, Bishop Hill, Illinois. Hardcover $29.95. Amazing photos from 20 states. Includes genealogical information. Refers to a recorded interview with the photographed individual.

Lennart Setterdahl

From page 14, Swedish-American Portraits

REVIEW: Swedish-American Portraits 1972-1994: Photographed by Lennart Setterdahl by Lilly Setterdahl and Stephan Setterdahl. 2020.

Swedish migration researcher Lennart Setterdahl (1928-1995) arrived in USA in 1959 and found a Swedish-American immigrant community in transition. He became deeply interested in that remarkable population group, and as early as 1962 began documenting it with camera and tape recorder. The results became an highly valuable source for future researchers. Lennart rescued nearly 1,855 church archives, and perhaps 1,000 organizational archives, 140 newspaper archives, and made 3,000 tape recorded interviews of immigrants, both well-known and less-known, along with their descendants. It got devoted support of the whole Setterdahl family, wife and author Lilly, and their three sons Stephan, Christer and Michael. Lilly’s editorial work with Lennart led to her own remarkable writing career, beginning in the mid-1970’s as author of many books on Swedish America, plus later fiction works of high quality. Sweden’s Emigrant Institute in Växjö became Lennart’s primary sponsor from 1969. In 1990 Lennart was awarded an honorary doctorate by Gothenburg University in Sweden in recognition of his devoted work.

Lennart died in 1995, but his work remains an important research source. His author-wife Lilly and son Stephan, (designer and photo editor) together published in 2020 Swedish-American Portraits 1972-1994: Photographed by Lennart Setterdahl, with 262 of Lennart’s remarkable photos from 20 different states, accompanied by segments of those interviews. Both this impressive new illustrated book, and Lilly ́s welcome background story of the Setterdahl family’s pathbreaking research, Documenting America ́s Swedish Immigrants: Lennart Setterdahl ́s Life and Work, complement each other. They are fascinating reading, and are available by contacting Lilly Setterdahl.

John E. Norton, ed., Augustana Historical Society Newsletter, Augustana College

See index of names below


Abernethy, Jenny Lind, Lincoln, Nebraska 163

Ahlm, Shirley, Scandia, Minnesota 79

Ahlm, Wallace, Scandia, Minnesota 79

Ahlquist, Walter, Council Bluffs, Iowa 78

Alfred, Norris, Polk, Nebraska 12

Alvine, John, Swedesburg (Winfield), Iowa 105

Anderson, Aina, Hacketstown, New Jersey 77

Anderson, Arthur, Grand Haven, Michigan 19

Anderson, Arthur, Loves Park, Illinois 112

Anderson, Carl H., St. Clair Shores, Michigan 66

Anderson, Christine (Tena) Forstrom, Grantsburg, Wisconsin 143

Anderson, Elmer, Foley, Minnesota 89

Anderson, Ernest, Round Rock, Texas 113

Anderson, Gunhild Karlson, Minneapolis, Minnesota 135

Anderson, Gust, Glenview, Illinois 128

Anderson, Hazel, Rockford, Illinois 169

Anderson, Margret, Moline, Illinois 68

Anderson, Marie, South Euclid, Ohio 39

Anderson, Milton, Davenport, Iowa 55

Anderson, Nan Malmberg, Lindstrom, Minnesota 137

Anderson, Selma, Lincoln, Nebraska 32

Anderson, Sven Philip, Moline, Illinois 68

Anderson, Wallace, Galva, Illinois 167

Armstrong, Elvera Johnson, Silverhill, Alabama 176

Augustsson, Lars, Taylors Falls, Minnesota 138


Backstrom, Ina (Aina Jönsson Lof), Omaha, Nebraska 9

Banks, Elwin, Wausa, Nebraska 52

Becklin, Elsie, Cambridge, Minnesota 94

Becklin, Raymond, Cambridge, Minnesota 95

Beckman, Emil, Mora, Minnesota 102

Bender, Betty, Red Wing, Minnesota 22

Benson, Nilla Svensson, Morrison, Illinois 129

Bergendahl, Floy, Butte, Montana 88

Bergstrom, Gunhild, Wildhorse Valley, Brady, Nebraska 174

Berkman, Walter, Coupland, Texas 119

Bjork, John and Myrtle, Taylors Falls, Minnesota 70

Bjorkling, Sten, Des Plaines, Illinois 38

Bjorling, Lowell, Altona, Illinois 42

Blomberg, Phillip, Falun, Kansas 173

Bloomdall, Richard, Scandia, Minnesota 152

Bodelson, Frank, Hager City, Wisconsin 138

Bohman, Donald, Orion, Illinois 25

Borg, Mabel Dahlstrom, Des Moines, Iowa 67

Borgstrom, Axel, Upsala, Minnesota 157

Broberg, Roy, Milaca, Minnesota 158

Brown, Florence Olson, Lindstrom, Minnesota 99

Burkland, Paul, Lincoln, Nebraska 172


Callstrom, Delores, Red Wing, Minnesota 142

Callstrom, Morris, Red Wing, Minnesota 142

Carlson, Arthur, Wausa, Nebraska 113

Carlson, Carl, Chicago, Illinois 11

Carlson, Carl Oscar, Rockford, Illinois 7

Carlson, Chrystal Samuelson, Lynn Center, Illinois 128

Carlson, Dorothy Lindgren, Omaha, Nebraska 108

Carlson, Edward, Omaha, Nebraska 108

Carlson, Evelyn Moltzer Osceola, Wisconsin 153

Carlson, Gustaf, Laramie, Wyoming 52

Carlson, Gust, Chicago, Illinois 123

Carlson, Haldo, Ogilvi, Minnesota 91

Carlson, Hanna Spetz, Burbank, Illinois 162

Carlson, Randohl and Macie, Melvin, Texas 145

Carlson, Ruth Ann, Bock, Minnesota 93

Carlson, Svea, Stromsburg, Nebraska 32

Clarton, Anna Setterdahl, Hanover, Pennsylvania 82

Clauson, Vera Sandstrom, Blue Island, Illinois 89

Collins, Mildred, Welch, Minnesota 74

Conway, Louise Sandstedt, Rockford, Illinois 116

Crusell, Margit, Minneapolis, Minnesota 78

Curtis, Irene, Gretna, Nebraska 107


Dahlgren, Carl, Lanse, Pennsylvania 45

Dahl, Herman, Evanston, Illinois 13

Dahlquist, Nils, Hackettstown, New Jersey 177

Dahlstrom, Donald and Harriet, Foley, Minnesota 160

Dobe, Edwin, Dalbo, Minnesota 150


Eckblade, James, Hastings, Nebraska 124

Ekblad, Dorothy, Lincoln, Nebraska 80

Ekdahl, Kenneth, Taylors Falls, Minnesota 92

Eklund, Swan, Brook Park, Minnesota 151

Eldorado, John and Florence, Wausa, Nebraska 110

Eliason, Elmer, Brook Park, Minnesota 75

Engstrom, Ernst, Loves Park, Illinois 168

Enmark, Claus, North Brooks, Illinois 42

Erickson, Anna May Palow, Galva, Illinois 23

Erickson, Arthur, Rock Island, Illinois 19

Erickson, Ivar, Galva, Illinois 23

Esping, Malcolm, Lindsborg, Kansas 173


Falk, Charlotte Nordstrom, Galva, Illinois 29

Falk, Gladys, Omaha, Nebraska 90

Fanslow, Virginia, Red Wing, Minnesota 20

Flink, Edmond, Dallas, Texas 109

Flodin, Arvid, Rockford, Illinois 73

Fornier, Marie Magnuson Verling, Butte, Montana 69

Forrest, Magda Kenner, Silver Springs, Maryland 11

Forschen, Gunnard, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota 93

Franzen, Linnea, Milaca, Minnesota 161

Fredrickson, Jane Herzog, Lincoln, Nebraska 132

Freed, John, Taylors Falls, Minnesota 91

Freeman, Erik, Minneapolis, Minnesota 16

Freeman, Thyra Henriksson, Minneapolis, Minnesota 16

Froberg, Howard, Lindstrom, Minnesota 165

Fuller, Edith, Isanti, Minnesota 19


Gabrielson, Mildred Nelson, Muskegon, Michigan 134

Gaines, Agneta Anderhagen, Omaha, Nebraska 178

Gefvert, Herbert, Mayfield Heights, Ohio 53

Gustafson, Asta Steen, Rockford, Illinois 114

Gustafson, Dennis and Shirley, Shafer, Minnesota 49

Gustafson, Henry, Erie, Pennsylvania 53

Gustafson, Wilbur, Rockford, Illinois 124


Hallstrom, Ardis, Brook Park, Minnesota 149

Hallstrom, Gordon, Brook Park, Minnesota 149

Hammerlund, Robert, Woodhull, Illinois 133

Harrington, Donald, Geneseo, Illinois 130

Hedberg, Fredolph, Minneapolis, Minnesota 8

Hedman, Karin Granath, Berlin, Wisconsin 86

Hillner, Blenda Sundeen, Winnetka, Illinois 169

Hogstrom, Henry, Skokie, Illinois 39

Holmlund, Earl, Bucklin, Missouri 100

Hultgren, Ebert, St. James, Minnesota 51


Jacobson, Selma, Chicago, Illinois 36

Jaenson, Sture (Steve), South Euclid, Ohio 44

Jeppson, Oscar, Center City, Minnesota 104

Jernberg, Joel and Ester, Rockford, Illinois 57

Johansson, Dage, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 103

Johnson, Alma Swenson, Grantsburg, Wisconsin 153

Johnson, Axel, Rockford, Illinois 101

Johnson, Berdella Hanson, Grantsburg, Wisconsin 169

Johnson, Bertil, Rockford, Illinois 8

Johnson, Carl Gunnar, Moline, Illinois 77

Johnson, Einar, Wickliffe, Ohio 44

Johnson, Elvice Henrikson, Lindstrom, Minnesota 155

Johnson, Esther, Annawan, Illinois 121

Johnson, Esther, Helena, Montana 81

Johnson, Garnett and George, Rockford, Illinois 115

Johnson, Gene, Wausa, Nebraska 112

Johnson, Gunnel Makitalo, Hackettstown, New Jersey 172

Johnson, Guy, Hibbings, Minnesota 163

Johnson, Hazel, Wausa, Nebraska 111

Johnson, Howard, Isanti, Minnesota 171

Johnson, Jenny Berggren, Minneapolis, Minnesota 135

Johnson, Lawrence, Lindstrom, Minnesota 155

Johnson, Marian Anderson, New Brighton, Minnesota 135

Johnson, Maurice, Pine City, Minnesota 156

Johnson, Morris, Stromsburg, Nebraska 9

Johnson, Robert, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 136

Johnson, Walter, Siren, Wisconsin 144


Kreig, Wanda Sward, Galesburg, Illinois 132

Kron, Einar, Jamestown, New York 100

Kumm, JoAnn Suhr, Wausa, Nebraska 85


Landfors, Arthur, Sharon, Massachusetts 18

Landstrom, Anna, Detroit, Michigan (reflection in mirror) 66

Larson, Albin, Stromsburg, Nebraska 106

Larson, Floyd, Marquette, Nebraska 40

Larson, Howard, Braham, Minnesota 146

Larson, Ingeborg, Chicago, Illinois 126

Larson, Jane Stenberg, Crystal, Minnesota 43

Larson, Magnus, Damascus, Maryland 71

Lauger, Birgitta (Smålands Britta), Swedesburg, Iowa 18

Levine, Emery, Bertrum, Minnesota 48

Lind, Arlis Seger, Wausa, Nebraska 86

Lindberg, Dale, New Brighton, Minnesota 136

Lindell, Lynn Rodger, Scandia, Minnesota 137

Linden, Daniel, Rockford, Illinois 103

Linden, Fred, Oakland, Nebraska 9

Lindgren, Alice Krona, Dalbo, Minnesota 147

Lindgren, George, Dalbo, Minnesota 147

Lindstrom, Philip, Silverton, Idaho 55

Lindstrom, Simon, Rockford, Illinois 57

Ljungdahl, Britt-Marie, Athens, Georgia 47

Ljungdahl, Lars, Athens, Georgia 47

Lundell, Mildred, Rockford, Illinois 30

Lund, Ingrid, New Port Richey, Florida 133

Lundquist, Merton, Rev., Omaha, Nebraska 54

Lyckman, Quinton, Brady, Texas 118


Magnuson, Naomi, Orion, Illinois 125

Malmstrom, Edsel, Melvin, Texas 118

Matheus, Gunnar, Cambridge, Minnesota 170

Matheus, Victoria Sand, Cambridge, Minnesota 170

Meline, David, Polk, Nebraska 107

Miller, Reuben, Mounds View, Minnesota 83

Miller, Torina, North Branch, Minnesota 92

Mockros, Myrtle, Upsala, Minnesota 162

Mohn, Garfield, Center City, Minnesota 141

Moline, Ragnar, Rockford, Illinois 116

Moody, Alice, Chisago City, Minnesota 164

Moody, Elliot, St. James, Minnesota 98

Moody, Olga Victoria Johnson, Butterfield, Minnesota 98

Moody, Warren, Chisago City, Minnesota 164

Mort, Arthur, Milaca, Minnesota 8

Munson, Edwin, Center City, Minnesota 141

Munson, Leroy, Lincoln, Nebraska 131


Nelson, Anton, Minneapolis, Minnesota 43

Nelson, Karl, Ogilvie, Minnesota

Nelson, Laverne, Oakland, Nebraska 130

Nelson, Lawrence, Cannon Falls, Minnesota 20

Nelson, Lillian Grimm, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin 19

Nelson, Oscar, Swanville, Minnesota 161

Nelson, Pauline, Omaha, Nebraska 105

Nelson, Russel, Milaca, Minnesota 31

Nilsson, Britt Aronsson, Chicago, Illinois 166

Nilsson, Bruno, Chicago, Illinois 166

Noren, Ardis (Edblad), Stanchfield, Minnesota 159

Noren, Reuben, Stanchfield, Minnesota 159

Norman, Elenora, Wausa, Nebraska 67

Norris, Alfred, Polk, Nebraska 12

Nyman, Herbert, Wausa, Nebraska 87

Nyman, Lillian Pearson, Wausa, Nebraska 87

Nystrom, Merrill, Cambridge, Illinois 107


Ogren, Ada, Taylors Falls, Minnesota 76

Olen, Walton, Mora, Minnesota 43

Olson, Donald, Welch, Minnesota 21

Olson, Elwood, Webster, Wisconsin 171

Olson, Eugene, Mora, Minnesota 28

Olson, Herbert, Stanchfield, Minnesota 158

Olson, Lawrence, Rockford, Illinois 102

Olson, Lillian, Mora, Minnesota 27


Palmquist, Philip, Taylors Falls, Minnesota 148

Paluska, Maxine Gustafson, Pecatonica, Illinois 13

Pearson, Axel, Marinette, Wisconsin 33

Pearson, David, Des Plaines, Illinois 34

Peterson, Arthur, Galva, Illinois 45

Peterson, Bernhard, Omaha, Nebraska 55

Peterson, Kjell, Jamesburg, New Jersey 175

Peterson, Luther, Rosie, and Adolph, Round Rock, Texas 122

Peterson, Ordell, Edina, Minnesota 136

Peterson, Robert G., Isanti, Minnesota 96

Post, Gunnard, Chisago City, Minnesota 140


Quist, Harris, Lindstrom, Minnesota 140


Rabe, Muriel Strand, Oakland, Nebraska 130

Raderman Adele Malmstrom, Lincolnwood, Illinois 123

Rundquist, Fred and Carl, Chicago, Illinois 35


Sandberg, Joel, Rockford, Illinois 84

Sandeen, Theckla Estergren, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 17

Sandell, Eric, Rockford, Illinois 97

Sandquist, Ernie, Rockford, Illinois 114

Schultz, Lillian Benson, Wausa, Nebraska 88

Schuman, Eric, Chicago, Illinois 123

Seashore, Greta Svensson, Chicago, Illinois 41

Seashore, Swan, Chicago, Illinois 41

Sellman, Glen, Shafer, Minnesota 143

Smith, Anna Hazel Anderson Austin, Texas 120

Soderberg, Carl G., Rockford, Illinois 72

Sprawls, Doyle, Glasgow, Missouri 53

Stohlberg, Gustaf, Jamestown, New York 101

Strand, Ernest, Chisago City, Minnesota 139

Stromberg, Bennard, Stromsburg, Nebraska 15

Swanson, Arvid, Moline, Illinois 26

Swanson, Gunnard and Florence, Taylors Falls, Minnesota 127

Swanson, Gunnard, Rockford, Illinois 82

Swanson, Hildur, Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44

Swanson, Maynard, Oak Park, Minnesota 99

Swanson, Philip, Omaha, Nebraska 85

Swenson, Elvira Johnson, Omaha, Nebraska 68

Swenson, Milton, Cannon Falls, Minnesota 139


Tenggren, Enar, St. Paul, Minnesota 56

Thunell, Kay, Chicago, Illinois 124

Tilderquist, Conley, Welch, Minnesota 154

True, Alice Halberg, Lincoln, Nebraska 131


Viking, Earl, Skokie, Illinois 31


Wahlmark, Gunnar, Dixon, Illinois 10

Weberg, Wallace, Welch, Minnesota 28

Werner, John, Cranston, Rhode Island 50

Widell, Edwin, Isanti, Minnesota 92

Winstrom, Bertil, Mequon, Wisconsin 12


Youngquist, Walter, Melvin, Texas